Membership Registration: New/ Renewal


Dear New & Renewal Members:

Starting this year, we will be updating our records and will be needing every members signed application along with a VOIDED copy of your Law Enforcement ID or Drivers License for Family and Associate members. Attached is the lodge application. Please, if you have not done so already, complete this application and mail to us ASAP, along with your ID.

Click below here to print application:


How do I pay my dues?

  1. Go online to your Membership profile page; update it if you need to make changes. Here is a link to sign in and view your profile—>.
  2. You may pay online by using PayPal or a Credit Card.
  3. Come to a meeting and pay in person by Cash or Check.
  4. Mail a check to our membership post office box.

 Mail to: FOP Driscoll Memorial Lodge #704


Carmel, New York 10512


We only increase dues when the National and State increased their per capita dues to our Lodge. Our policy has always been not to raise dues on our members unless we are required to pay more for our Lodge registration.  Here are the dues for the fraternal year 2017:


Active member——–$55.00

Family member——–$55.00

Associate member—-$70.00                                         

The registration deadlines we followed last year were done to be in compliance with the New York State FOP. We will follow the same deadlines this year as follows:

If you register during October 2016 your membership will be IN GOOD STANDING.

If you register during November or December your registration will be considered DELINQUENT.

After December 31st 2016 you will be SUSPENDED by the NYSFOP. Please note: NYSFOP closes their offices for the last two week in December so the earlier our Lodge registers the earlier we will get our National Cards and we wouldn’t have to play the December deadline game.

Here is a link to sign in and view your profile—

Any questions contact?

Frank Ruiz,      Lodge Secretary Email:

Kristen Jones,   Lodge Treasurer Email:


Stay safe

Kristen Jones / Frank Ruiz


For information purposes you should be aware of the NYSFOP rules for membership.

Therefore, we have included the rules we should all be following. It is your responsibility to follow these rules.

The New York State FOP Constitution and By-Laws

Article 26, Dues and Assessments,

Section 2 Annual dues and assessments shall be paid to the State Lodge between October 1st and December 31st and will maintain a subordinate lodge’s good standing for one year from January 1st through December 31st of the succeeding year.

Article 27, Arrears of Dues

Section 1. “Members in good standing” defined to be a member who has paid all dues and assessments to the Grand, State or subordinate lodge, or who is not more than thirty (30) days in arrears of such payments as of the due date. (October 1st thru October 31st IN GOOD STANDING

Section 2. Any member in arrears of payment of dues and assessments more than thirty – (30) days, and less than ninety (90) days, shall be deemed to be delinquent and not in good standing. (Nov 1st thru Dec 31st DELINQUENT)

Section 3. Any member in arrears of payment of dues and assessments more than (90) days shall be and is hereby suspended. (December 31st SUSPENDED)

NEW WEBSITE: “For Members Only”

Members can now access our new website at:

You must first register to be able to view all pages. Once registered, it takes several days for approval.


******IMPORTANT NOTE: ******Please READ ******

We will no longer be accepting applications or money for Photo ID’s.

All new and renewals for a Photo ID will be done directly with the NYSFOP Lodge.

Go to the NYSFOP website

(Member Benefits / Forms) for application: